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Kozy Heat

High Efficiency Wood Burning Fireplaces

Made in the U.S.A.



For a wood-fired hearth that's at home anywhere, look no further than the "Z-42" & "Z-42 CD" EPA 2020 Certified Fireplaces.

Great as an Existing Zero Clearance Fireplace Replacement

Upgrading your drafty, builder grade wood burner is easy with Kozy Heat's high efficiency, zero clearance fireplaces. We remove the existing unit and air cooled chimney and replace them with this substantial 60,000 BTU heater and 2100 degree insulated chimney. These fireplaces use applied non-catalytic modern technology and design to decrease flammable creosote within the chimney by 90%, and burn up to 33% less fuel in order to heat your home safely and efficiently. Ready to burn when we leave all that is left is for you is to apply the new finishing decor.

The BEST Choice for New Construction

If you are building a new house, rediscover the age-old beauty of a wood burning fireplace. Imagine if you will the ambiance of dancing yellow flames and the warm cozy look and feel of a real wood burning fire. Kozy Heat has created the perfect solution without the cost associated with a masonry fireplace build and with the warmth of a wood stove with a fireplace look. 

Something to Keep in Mind

One thing to consider is your fuel source. Your fireplace will need wood. If you live in the country or a woodland area, you can simply walk outside and gather wood. Your fireplace fuel is abundantly available in your surroundings. Of course, if you are a city dweller, it presents a whole different scenario. You will need to find a reliable source that sells wood. It would also help to learn a little bit about different woods, and their optimal burning properties. The learning process is sure to be fun.

Final Thoughts

The end result is a clean burn, more warmth with less wood. So relax, kick back and enjoy the flames, knowing you've done your part, not just for the environment, but for your fuel budget.

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