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Buck Stove

Made in the U.S.A.

Unmatched American Quality

Our stoves are handcrafted in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. The heavy duty welded steel construction of these stoves can handle some of the hottest burning woods out there without warping. 

Beauty & Savings

During the coldest months, you want to stay warm, but high costs from gas & electric heat may cause you to turn your thermostat down. You can keep your home comfortable without the expensive utility bills by choosing an affordable, durable stove.

Not only will a wood stove save money on your utility bill, but it will also bring out the sheer beauty in your home. Imagine your living room, complete with a roaring open fire, warming your home during the cold winter months. It is common belief that wood stoves require a lot of work and let off a lot of smoke. However, this is not true with our modern-day stoves. These stoves produce almost no smoke, minimal ash, and require less firewood.

Features & Options

- Heats 1,500 to 2,600 sq. ft.
- Up to 52,400 Btu- 2.15 cu. ft. Firebox
- Up to 73% Efficiency (EPA Rated)
- 22" Firewood Length
- Standard Blower- 447 lbs.


Buck Model 74 Insert

Minimum Fireplace Dimensions
23 1/4" W x 22" H x 15" D

The secondary burn system found on our stoves uses re-burn tube technology to utilize the smoke off the primary wood fire, that would otherwise be put into the atmosphere adding to our carbon footprint, and instead uses it as a fuel to create more heat.

The air wash system is another great feature found on all Buck Stoves with a large glass door. It provides optimal viewing throughout your burn without the constant hassle of cleaning your glass.

You are also able to customize your stove above and beyond the standard black door with optional gold or pewter accents. Queen Anne legs are also available in the various finishes for your stand alone stove.

Knowledgeable Professionals

You can rely on our knowledgeable professionals to listen to your concerns and help you choose the product that is right for your home and family. Hearth & Home employees will come out to install of your new stove, so you can know your products is taken care of from start to finish. Call us to schedule an appointment or come in and discuss your options.

* The Buck 74 can be inserted into an existing masonry fireplace.
We are not currently selling this unit as a Free Standing Wood Stove.

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