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Kozy Heat Electric

Made in the U.S.A.

Homeowners in cities and towns across the country often find it difficult to manage firewood to use in traditional fireplaces in their homes. As an option to liquid propane or natural gas inserts, an electric fireplace insert can be the perfect option.



Osseo 60 Linear Electric Fireplace_edite


Modern Linear Styles and Options

Our Osseo 45 Slim and 60 Slim linear electric fireplaces are some of our industries top models and they make the perfect addition to any contemporary room.


These large linear electric models can offer a range of different options in media, ember bed colors, and even flames. One of our most popular models is the blue flame electric fireplace, which is both striking as well as warm and welcoming. Our models also offer traditional orange or orange and blue flame color combinations. Combining the blue flame electric fireplace with small or large crystals, lava rock, or river rock allows you to create just the look you want. 

Traditional Insert/Fireplace

One of our Osseo 29 or Osseo 34 electric insert/fireplaces can be placed in a traditional, existing fireplace hole to provide heat and the dancing glow that is similar to a real fire. New styles in electric fireplace inserts allow different types of logs, rocks, or media to create a traditional or a very modern look.

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