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Accepts any certified vent-free burner and log set 
Zero clearance certified 

Breckenridge Vent-free Fireboxes

Made in the U.S.A.

Deluxe Firebox

Whether louvered or flush front, our fireboxes offer a variety of decorative accessories tailor the look to your décor. Designed for installation in tight spaces, the 32" firebox boasts a framing depth of just 16 1/2 inches. Where the 36" & 42" units only require 18 3/4 inches. A blower is optional.
Breckenridge Deluxe Flush_edited.png
Breckenridge Deluxe Louvered_edited.png

Louvered Front

Flush Front

White Mountain Hearth - Breckenridge Sel

42" Select Firebox

Our unique Breckenridge Select 42" vent-free gas firebox features a tall, deep stage for the log set, yet has compact outer dimensions and a low-profile top and bottom. The visual effect is a lot more fireplace with less of the firebox face showing.

The Breckenridge Select has no louvers and the lower panel measures less than an inch tall, allowing it to be installed at floor level, yet still provide the benefit of a recirculating firebox with optional blower.

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