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Kozy Heat

Quality Fireplaces for Life

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Adding a fireplace is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home. Kozy Heat's commitment to quality and efficiency make it the easy choice.

Z 42 & Z 42-CD

Z 42
For a wood-fired hearth that's at home anywhere, look no further than Kozy Heat's Z 42 & Z 42-CD EPA Certified Fireplaces. Kozy Heat's fireplaces use applied non-catalytic modern technology and design to decreases flammable creosote within the chimney by 90%, and burns up to 33% less fuel in order to heat your home safely and efficiently.

Upgrading your drafty, builder grade wood burner is easy with Kozy Heat's high efficiency, zero clearance fireplaces.

The end result is a clean burn, more warmth with less wood. So relax, kick back and enjoy the flames, knowing you've done your part, not just for the environment, but for your fuel budget.

If you would like more information about installing and purchasing the Z 42 & Z 42-CD zero clearance fireplaces, contact us at (816) 524-7492 or


  •  Zero Clearance
  • 77% Efficient
  • 60,000 Btu Output
  • Fits a 22" Log
  • EPA Certified/Non Catalytic
  • Requires an 6" Class "A" Chimney
  • Air Seal 10 ga. Steel Door (Z 42)
  • Air Seal Cast Iron Doors (Z 42-CD)
  • Uses 100% Outside Air for Combustion
  • 10 Year Limited Warranty
  • Air-wash system (keeps viewing area cleaner)*
*Although the air wash system assists in keeping the glass cleaner, regular cleaning and maintenance are required. 

Design Choices:

Designer decorative doors are available for the Z 42, single door. They enhance the esthetic to go with any decor.​
  • Black Prairie Screen Door
  • Black Screen Door
While the Z 42-CD doesn't boast the esthetic of the Z- 42, it's ease of use more than makes up for it. Both units also have upgrades from the standard black louvers.​
  • Mission Design
  • Prairie Design