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Quality Chimney Repairs by Professionals

Over 30 Years of Experience

Prevent damage to your home
Not only does a damaged chimney affect the look of your home, it can also lead to costly repairs in the future. A damaged chimney that is not repaired may leak, which can ruin your home’s interior and even the foundation. Damaged chimneys may also cause drafts, which would raise your utilities bills.
Let our professionals provide you with the chimney services you need to not only protect your home, but to also help you get the most out of your fireplace. Your chimney will be repaired using our expertise and only the best materials. We take care not to make a mess and consider the shop vac to be the last member of our crew.
Chimney repairs that are available to you include:
  • Liner Installations for Flues that Don't Pass Inspection
  • Correction of Draft Problems
  • Waterproofing
  • Chimney Sweeps & Visual Inspetions
  • Chim-A-Lator Top-Seal Dampers

Chim-A-Lator Top-Seal Damper System

The Chim-A-Lator® Deluxe easily mounts on top of a masonry fireplace flue and is operated by a convenient, adjustable regulator installed on the side wall of the fireplace. It is far more efficient than conventional cast iron dampers and the ideal replacement for old defective dampers. Proven for nearly 40 years to be the most trouble free top-seal damper.
  • 100% Stainless Steel
  • 17 Standard Sizes
  • Lifetime warranty ñ best on the market today.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed. If within 30 days, you are not fully satisfied return the Chim-A-Lator for a full refund.
  • Comes fully assembled for fast and easy bolt on installation.
  • Spark arrestor standard.
  • Chimney fire tested with little or no damage to unit damper. Will not fall and block flue in event of a chimney fire.
  • Saves energy. Tight seal on top of the chimney, keeps heat in when fireplace is not in use.
  • Prevents down draft smoking caused by wind.
  • Keeps out animals, birds, insects, bees, rain, leaves, wind and airplane noise.
  • Six setting regulator controls the amount of draft to produce more heat when burning.
  • Damper opens 6.5 inches

Looking for some materials to finish your project?

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Metal-Fab 2100° Chimney

Metal-Fab Logo
Temp/Guard® Max is the only all-fuel chimney that is UL Listed for 1½" clearance to combustibles on 6", 7", and 8" diameters.
Sizes 6", 7", 8", 10" and 12" are listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. to UL Standard 103HT (2100°F intermittent; 1000°F continuous).
The S.S. flue conduit is wrapped with ceramic insulating material.
Limited Lifetime Warranty

Imperial Black Stove Pipe

Black Stove Pipe

We carry a multitued of black stove pipe and parts. If you are having problems with your installation we have the fix for you.


The EXCELiner® is certified as a stainless steel chimney liner for use on appliances that burn wood, oil and natural gas and comes in 5", 6", 7" & 8" diameters.
  • Continuously welded seams - no leaks, no possibility of seam separation
  • Continuously welded seams - no leaks, no possibility of seam separation
  • Type 304 stainless steel
  • All stainless steel components
  • Factory hemmed ends - smooth, safe surfaces - no more cuts
  • All stainless steel rivets provided with each liner section
  • All stainless steel rivets provided with each liner section
  • Pre-punched holes - no drilling required
  • Easy to install
  • Lifetime Warranty

Stove Bright Stove Paint

Stove Bright
Stove Bright® High Temperature Paint is the industry’s premier high temperature paint. It is formulated with a unique blend of heat resistant pigments in a silicone polymer resin that provides excellent color retention and film integrity in working temperatures up to 1200°F.
Stove Bright High Temperature Paint is designed for rapid curing and great working properties over ferrous metal surfaces. It is ideal for wood, pellet, and gas stoves as well as stove pipes, engines, engine manifolds, and many other metal substrates that are subject to high temperatures. Available in a wide range of colors to suit almost any need, and comes in both easy to use aerosol and brush-on formulas to accommodate any project.
  • Silicone formula retains color with extended exposure to 1200°F
  • Used by the leading stove manufacturers as their factory finish
  • Available in 12oz aerosols

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